B E N D Y   S L O W   F L O W



Hello my sweet friends and welcome to this sensual evening slow flow. We will be moving very slow in this class, not worrying so much about connecting our breath to movement but more about connecting to our body. I want you to try and keep lots of physical contact with your hands to your body at any time. Whenever you can, try to close your eyes to really feel into the movement. I love using my yoga flows as a celebration of our feminine energy and to awaken the goddess within each of us. This class incorporates a lot of sensual slow movement and hopefully empowers and inspires your femininity.

No props are necessary for this flow, however we will be moving into some deep stretches. So you are more than welcome to grab some yoga- blocks (if you own any) to help you in these asanas 🙏🏼

So grab that mat and enjoy!

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Posted on 19. April 2020

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