S E N S U A L   S P R I N G   F L O W



If your typical vinyasa practice is already feeling a little sensual, I think this honey-like sensual yoga flow will turn up the heat a few degrees. This class incorporates a lot of sensual slow movement and hopefully inspires your femininity. This is however a more advanced class, since we will move pretty quickly without much explanation of each asana. You will also find more challenging postures in this class, so don’t be discouraged if your can’t get there yet. This class is here to empower you and awaken your feminine energy, and that should be the main focus.

No props are necessary for this flow, however we will be moving into some deep stretches. So you are more than welcome to grab some yoga- blocks (if you own any) to help you in these asanas.

Move like honey. 🍯 Breathe like fire.🔥 Turn up the heat. 💥

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Posted on 30. März 2020

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