S T A R T I N G   T O   A R M B A L A N C E



Welcome to this one-hour yoga class. Whether you’re more advanced in your yoga practice and want a fun challenge, or if you’re new to arm balances and want to build the strength they require to access these poses, this video will give you what you need. You’ll start with a warm-up to build heat, create space in the body, and activate the muscle groups you need to take flight. Then you’ll move into a progressive yoga flow centered on several key arm balances to work towards. You will practice more advanced asanas such as Crow Pose.

This class is advanced, meaning that there will be less explaining of each single asanas and more flowing through while connecting breath to movement. You will certainly challenges in some situations, but always try to go back to your breath in those moments or rest in childs pose to take a short break.

You will need a strap or a belt for this practice.

Have fun!

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Posted on 7. April 2020

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