Y I N   Y O G A   F O R   C H E S T  &  S H O U L D E R S 



This Yin Yoga class for upper body is going to be fully targeted on releasing tension and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, arms, and upper back. This restorative yoga practice using yin yoga poses to release upper body soreness & stiffness for the physical body, and emotional and mental stress that you may be holding deep within.

For this class you will be needing two blocks and a folded blanket. We will move gently and slowly through each yoga posture and hold selected asanas for two minutes to encourage a really deep myofascial release. Remember, breathing is a very important factor in any Yin Yoga class so through out this entire practice make sure you’re taking deep breaths in and long slow exhales out. Bring oxygen to your muscles, organs, and mind. Re-energize your nervous system, let go of stress and tension, and become fully present in each moment of each posture as you let go of the past with each exhale you make.

Enjoy this class 💛

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Posted on 14. April 2020

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