Y O G A   F O R   Y O U R   B A C K  &  H I P S



In this one-hour yoga class, a wonderful sequence for the back and hips awaits you. Together we flow through beneficial hip openers, mobilize and strengthen the entire back and consciously connect with our breathing. This class is suitable for everyone who wants to consciously connect with their body, because at the beginning of the class we also put a strong focus on some essential breathing exercises. I will slowly guide you through each asana and sequence and explain some basics.

Please always pay attention to an active center (pull the navel towards the spine) to protect the lower back.

You will need a yoga strap or belt for this class and you may also need a yoga block or book and a blanket or pillow for this class.

Have fun 🙏🏼

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Posted on 26. April 2020

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