let's create magic together

I could not be more stoked that you are here! If you’re considering me to capture you, I don’t take that lightly.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read THE EXPERIENCE page where I talk a little about my approach to photography. If you feel we would be good fit, fill out the contact form below so we can go make some magic!

Get notified as soon as you will be able to book your photoshoot for next year and the new website launches!


I am eternally grateful for you and for the fact, that you want me to capture your essence.

However, in order to be fully present at the upcoming encounters in the coming months, I have decided not to accept any new bookings for the time being.

I work very intuitively and I also want to give the women I work with the freedom to be intuitive. And I can only do that if I can concentrate 100% on the shoots without constantly accepting inquiries and new bookings.

If you work with me I will give you 100% of myself and in order to be able to continue to do that, I will not accept any new inquiries or bookings for the next 2 months.

You will be able to book shoots again with the launch of my new website around November 14th (the creative process cannot be rushed :-P)