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exploration through movement

Your Sensual Self

Your 5 Day at Home Yoga Retreat

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A journey of sensuality & Movement

to embody your Sensual Self

This retreat is a coming home to your body. Tuning into the body’s sensual frequency, and all of it’s sensations, exploring them, expressing them and moving them through the body.

In this journey you will become exquisitely intimate with your body and soul. You will be empowered in your sensuality, in your pleasure and in your ability to connect with both. These 4 days will be a portal to drop you into the deepest and clearest presence. To come into union with the expression of your body. We will connect and learn to communicate with yourself. And in that exploration we will uncover your most sensual, most liberated self. 

Ignite your Feminine Expression through

Movement. Sacred Ceremonies. Breath. Pleasure. Embodiment.

Welcome to...

your 5 days at home yoga retreat

Everything I created is deeply nourishing for your feminine heart

You will receive:

Dive a little deeper


Open your pedals

The feminine is slow. The feminine needs a lot of time to drop in. To open her pedals. So the first day of the retreat we will give her exactly that: presence, attention and time to open. We will set our intensions for the coming days and tune into what is alive in your body right now.

What awaits you:


explore your being

On day 2 we will playfully explore our senses and dive into the mysteries of our body.

What awaits you:


let go of what doesn't serve you

Day 3 is here to help you let go of everything that no longer serves you and to let you step fully into your power.

What awaits you:


entering the pleasure temple

The pleasure temple opens and invites us in to truly sink into our feminine energy on day 4. This day will be purely devoted to everything that feels pleasurable in your body.

What awaits you:


Integrate your sensual self

Let everything we flowed through sink in and truly integrate your sensual self into every single cell of your being.

What awaits you:

are you ready

to alchemize Pleasure into your Yoga Practice?

You will receive all of the Classes mentioned below prerecorded in your personal Online Library. So this retreat is online but not live, meaning you can decide when and where you want to do it. Each class will be downloadable in high definition so you will have access to the entire content forever and you can flow through this retreat while being offline.

189,00 €


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! You are guaranteed a life time access. All classes of the retreat are also downloadable, so you can watch them even without access to wifi!

This retreat focuses on exploring your body and diving into your feminine energy. We will be deeply exploring your sensuality and femininity however all of these qualities are genderless. Everyone has feminine and masculine energies present in their bodies no matter the gender you identify yourself with. So no, this retreat is not just for women. There is one practice where I will ask you to connect to your womb space, however I also make it clear that you can simply connect to your pelvic area. 

I do not give any refunds, so please read all informations carefully before you purchase the retreat.

All classes are pretty beginner friendly, however I will not go into detail about each asana so a beginner level understanding of yoga will be required. I encourage you in every single class to use your own consent- only go as far as it feels right in your body. If something is too advanced for your current level of practice, simply modify or skip that part.

All classes can be streamed on web-browsers, iPads, Computers, iPhones, and via Chrome-cast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home. Your personal online platform is accessible through The Bare Female Portal