Hi there beautiful soul  

My priority as a photographer, first and foremost, is to capture moments of your raw beautiful self. I don’t care about societies views on “BEAUTY”, I care about the BEAUTY that you bring to your life and to my life.

I guess this is why I care so much about what I do because my job as a photographer means more than producing beautiful images but also and especially  capturing authentic ones. I put my whole heart into my work and my clients and I hope you do the same when it comes to choosing a photographer who speaks the same language your heart does.

One thing I do need to ask from you: Bring your 100% self. Come to me as you are because you look best when you show up as your true self. Remember: This is a collaboration.

It’s you, it’s me, it’s us.

I want to capture your raw essence. The core of your being.

Female Empowerment shoot

Yoga Photoshoot

feminine connection shoot

You are going to leave this photoshoot feeling empowered.

I couldn’t imagined having better experience during photoshoot! The atmosphere Lisa is creating is amazing. She knows in which poses you should go to look good on a photos and she makes you feel great about yourself! You’re going to leave the photo shoot feeling empowered. 

I love the photos they are top quality and I get to spend wonderful time shooting them! highly recommended experience! Do it out of self love♥

– Barbara S. (Yoga & Meditation Teacher)

"I love experimenting with light, colors, shadows & composition. After all, there's no two people alike, each has their own story & deserves a tailored approach."

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