You deserve to celebrate yourself


I want you to know that you are already beautiful, already worthy, already enough- just as you are. You deserve to celebrate yourself as the queen that you are. And I hope my work and the pictures you get to keep of yourself are another step forward on your journey to unconditional self love. 

My priority as a photographer, first and foremost, is to capture moments of your raw beautiful self. Those raw fleeting split seconds that sideline the highlights. To me, it’s not just about the pictures, it’s about the feeling. 

I’m the photographer who wants to paint your world with the deepest colours. I want to capture all of the messy, authentic, in-between moments. So that when you revisit those memories through our pictures, your pour gratitude all over your sacred body. Societies messed up standards on beauty have no space here. My goal has always been to walk the path that encourages true self acceptance and help guide women into their bodies.

Depending on where you approached me, I will talk to you about your needs and wants and send you a customized cost estimate which either includes the package you chose from or a customized offer I created for you. After that I usually invite you to jump on a phone call with me so we can truly get to know each other and talk about all the little details. That way I can assure this experience will give you everything you are looking for. 

The moment you decide to say YES to yourself and are ready to book your photoshoot experience, you will have to make a  deposit to secure your date which is 50 % of the full amount. After your deposit is paid I will start creating the moodboard for our shoot. It is based on your preferences and inspirations and my ideas. This way we can both drop into the energy of the upcoming shoot and I have an even deeper understanding of what to create for you. We will then decide on a location together. I prefer to shoot in nature but I am here to serve your needs so if you have a beautiful indoor location in mind or want me to organize one, we will do that too!

Based on our moodboard we will choose the outfits and any other props for your shoot together. Other than that all you have to bring is yourself. All of you is welcome- always.  Once we meet we will take some time to drop into the present moment together. I always bring blankets and tea for my goddesses to feel extra comfortable. Once we start to shoot I will intuitively guide you throughout the entire experience- no prior knowledge necessary! This is an experience so we will laugh, talk and tune into the feminine together. Trust me, any nervousness will fall away quickly. 

After the shoot, I’ll send you a collection of the unedited pictures in form of a gallery. You can then choose which ones you would like to keep (if you want to keep more pictures then we originally estimated, you can always purchase more!)  After you picked your favourits I will send over your invoice with the remaining amount of your session fee. Once this is paid, I will start edited your pictures. Your gallery will be delivered via a private online album where you can download the final digital files. 



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Lisas energy makes it so easy for you to feel comfortable and beautiful in front of her lens

I feel that anything I would say will not add much to Lisa´s work. I mean, just look at it, her work is magic! But I do can put in words something that, perhaps you don´t see immediately on her photographs. That´s the person she is and how her smile and energy makes it so easy for you to feel comfortable and beautiful in front of her lens, right from the first five minutes. It really takes special skills to make beautiful images like she does, but extra special ones to make the moment you are actually taking the photographs a beautiful, powerful, feminine moment, when you really feel like the women you are from within out. And that´s something special you get to keep, on top of absolutely stunning photos! ♥