a yogi with a passion for movement

For me, yoga is my healing space. My mat always brings me back to myself and 

forces me to lay down every emotion that I had that day. 

This is exactly why I started my photography journey and what I want to, what I need to share with this world.

I want to be able to capture these precious moments of stillness within another human body. 

Whenever people step on their mat, something in their energy field shifts. 

It’s a beautiful progress and something that is worth capturing.

☾ new beautiful pictures of yourself on and off your mat

☾ expanding your website or social media professionally

☾ pictures of your yoga class to put you in a new light as a teacher

☾ professional pictures of your yoga studio

the packages

I am currently in the process of creating not only New Packages for you but also a Brand New separate Website for my photography. Therefor, all bookings are currently closed. They will reopen again and the new website will be launched on November 1st.

frequently asked questions

How far in advance do I need to book?

This very much depends on the season (spring and summer being super busy), however your photoshoot should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. If there is a special date you need your pictures by, it should be booked at least 4 weeks in advance.

How do I reserve my date?

Once you sign our photoshoot contract online and I received the 50 % deposit fee, you session is reserved.

Do I need to provide a location?

Absolutely not! First of all: 90% of my photoshoots take place in nature (yes also my yoga shoots!) and I am always here to share my most favorite secret spots with you. If I travel to your home, it would be amazing for you to share some of your favorite spots with me (since this is usually where you have the strongest connection to Mama Nature) and I will make sure it is a good place for us to shoot. I am also always happy to send you a list of possible indoor locations such as yoga studios and book them for us!

How do I get inspiration for my yoga shoot?

Before our shoot I will ask you to send me some of your inspirations. Maybe these are other yogis that you love and inspire you on their social media accounts. Save some of these images and send them over. I will then create an entire moldboard filled with inspiring ideas dedicated for our photoshoot.

Will you help me with the clothing choice?

First of all: I want you to wear whatever you feel your best in. Whether that’s something very feminine that makes you feel sexy or a special piece you got on a travel trip. This is a special experience so it is a perfect place to dress up. You don’t have to wear yoga clothing. I’ve shot some beautiful yogis in jeans,  converse sneakers, and even dresses.  Everything is welcome! If you need help deciding, I am always here for you!

I don’t know how to pose or to model- will you guide me?

You do absolutely not need any prior knowledge whatsoever. Once we start to shoot I will intuitively guide you throughout the entire experience! This is called an experience for a reason- we will laugh, talk and tune into the feminine together. I will also show you how to properly adopt the yoga postures, since I am a yoga teacher myself. Trust me, any nervousness will fall away quickly. 

Can I review my pictures before you edit them?

YES! I will send you a personal online gallery with all unedited pictures for you to choose from. This will be your opportunity to purchase more pictures then the number you originally anticipated (because you will most likely be blown away by your pictures ;-))

Do you share my images online?

Our contract states that I am allowed to use your pictures for any marketing purposes, HOWEVER I will not share any nude photos of you without asking your permission first! That being said, you can always talk to me about everything and we will always find a solution! 

I don’t feel flexibel enough.

There are absolutely no requirements for this shoot! Yoga is not about how bendy you are. I can create beautiful images of you whether you are sitting cross legged or you lay in Childs pose. If you know that you want a particular pose or pose sequence photographed, we can absolutely go through these. BUT there is no need to create a list if you don’t have certain poses in mind . We will “free flow” and I will guide you through poses at the shoot. Since I am a yoga teacher myself I know what works for your body, how to align each asana and how long you can remain in these postures.

When can I expect to receive the final pictures?

As you can probably tell by my work, the editing of my pictures is my holy grail. It represents my signature style as a photographer and turns a normal photo into an artwork. I do not rush the process but I am usually pretty quick, so once you select the pictures you want to keep, you will receive the final images within 2 weeks.

I turned up for the shoot completely clueless and Lisa had it all under control!

Lisa was absolutely amazing! I turned up for the shoot completely clueless about what poses I would do and she had it all under control!

She had a range of pose suggestions for me, multiple locations chosen (once again, with no help at all from me!) and was able to find the most creative ways to photograph yoga postures that I would have never been able to dream up! The session was a lot of fun and I received the final images within 2 days. Overall, such a great experience and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Thanks Lisa!

– Jacqui Goral (Yoga Teacher)

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