You are worth it

It's never a waste of money to invest in yourself

Invest your energy and money into something that is going to contribute to your growth. When you say yes and invest in yourself, the universe will provide you with amazing rewards.

Investing in ourselves and spending money can be scary- BUT it is actually when we start putting our available energy (e.g. money) into self care, doing what nourishes your soul, that you receive true success. This empowering experience will help you drop into your divine feminine essence and this is the space where you can allow your gifts and creativity to flow freely. This in return will create abundance. Trust that the money you spend on your own self love will always return to you because it will always help you grow and therefor attract more success.

And don’t think of this as a one- time purchase. Photos are timeless. Photos are sacred. They will forever remind you of this beautiful moment you are in and the power you radiated in this state of your life. 



Female Empowerment shoot




I am currently in the process of creating not only New Packages for you but also a Brand New separate Website for my photography. Therefor, all bookings are currently closed. They will reopen again and the new website will be launched on November 1st.



connection Shoot

For me Lisa was a great choice. I immediately felt that she was “the right one” for my first photo shoot, precisely because I was super insecure. She floats around you and it doesn’t even feel like it’s a shoot- it feels like having a few hours of fun and then getting beautiful photos after. Thank you Lisa. I’m already looking forward to our next shoot  ♥

– Asina M. (Yoga Teacher)

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