Empowering photography and sensual yoga


to unfolding your feminine

This website is my physical extensions of my love for photography, female empowerment, yoga and sacred sisterhood.


If there is one thing I want to do in this life it’s to help women reconnect with their divine feminine and awaken their sensual power.

I believe that when women reclaim their natural feminine gifts they have the capacity to create powerful change in this world.

I have given myself the permission to express my feminine flowing freely within me and I hope this space gives you the opportunity to do the same.

Trust the Messiness

I let my essence bleed into all that I am. In the way I work. In the way I hold myself. How I interact with people and observe my thoughts. I’m finally secure with the home I’ve built within myself. I’m clear on who I am and what gifts I want to share with the women of this world through my art.

This clarity has not been here for the majority of my life but that's okay. I honor my journey in all its beautiful chaos. Continuously whipping me around to land me exactly where I’m meant to be.


All that I am, melted into two worlds. Photography and Movement. 


empowering photography


sensual movements

I’ve learned that we can’t always decide how things will go. But we can decide how we dance in the 

ever unfolding process of our own becoming.