Hi beautiful friends,

I am Lisa, the woman behind The Bare Female. I am a photographer passionate about empowering woman and capturing your raw essence on and off your mat as well as a professional yoga teacher.  

I realized a while ago that my decisions do and have and will continue to define my tomorrow. 

And what we think about we do create. 

Each of us holds the power to change our lives. We are our own creators. 

And this moment was decided by an infinite amount of decisions and actions and reactions and love. 

So when did it all begin?

I grew up in a little village in Germany. Back then, going to school and studying afterwards to get a save job was non negotiable. It was expected.
However, I always had this urge to be more.
To see more.
I knew there was something else behind these glass walls I grew up in.

So when I was 18 I booked a one way ticket to australia and lived there for over a year. I can’t begin to describe how much this year shaped my life. I learned to walk on my own two feet, I learned what it felt like to be free. And I wanted more of that. But soon after the year was done the old thought pattern creeped back in and even though I wanted to stay I made the decision to fly back home and study business management. At least I thought I did.

In reality I never actually stopped to think if this was actually what I wanted in life. I just did.

The moment I stepped on that plane back to germany I started crying and I didn’t stop for almost 2 months. This was my first experience with depression. Which I didn’t know back then. I thought it was part of life to be sad and so I got myself together and continued on the path that was set out for me. But in the depths of my heart I always knew this isn’t my dream.

So what unexpected decision changed my life and helped me

roam free?

I think it all started with him. It was a grand love. But the kind of love we had for each other was poisonous. I was young and didn’t know how to respect myself. He was sick. He had demons living inside his head. The moment I understood that I couldn’t pull him out of it, I had already fallen too deep into the rabbit hole. I thought if I could only swallow enough of his pain, that he would heal and love me in return.

I broke myself to help him. I thought this was love. 


Those were dark times. Everything that once gave me life, joy, air, slowly left my bruised soul. I had lost my smile. I was numb.

Around that time I also started my masters program because I still didn’t  know what it is that I wanted to do with my life. In order to make a living I would work as a bartender until the early morning hours, being surrounded by even more negativity and bad energy. I stayed in this relationship and continued to live this life because I thought it was what I deserved. 

I took me two years. Dark years. To understand:  

The reason I kept living this life the way I did was because I didn’t love and respect myself. 

journey began...

That´s when the

It took me an entire year to rebuild. My heart was broken, my spirit was shattered and I didn’t know who I was anymore. What I knew was that, in order to heal, I had to stop placing my value in other people. I needed to understand that the love I was so desperately searching for was nowhere to be found but within. So I walked alone. I took my own hand and walked through the pain with me.

And boy, was I in for a ride. 

Around that time I rediscovered yoga. I’ve been playing around with some online classes here and there before but only ever to get a quick workout in. But this time it was different. I was in the midst of my healing journey and so every time I started my yoga class I was filled with a LOT of anxiety and self doubt. 

However, the moment I stepped on my mat and started my practice I was instantly brought back to my breath. To my body. 

It felt like my mat peeled away the resentment I had towards myself. It made me let go of my expectations. Of my frustration. That’s when I started to understand that my anxieties and fears stemmed from nothing but made up scenarios in my head. I understood that I have the power to step out of whatever it is that is weighing me down simply by stepping into my body.

That is what yoga does.

It expands the window through which I see life and makes me see the bigger picture. It makes me step away.

Every time.

Learning to love myself has been the most intense journey I have ever undertaken. 

I am learning to turn my gaze inwards and to be okay with all there is. 

I am learning to accept my everything. The entire complexity of it.

I needed that year to be mine. I needed to understand that I am strong enough. I finally felt brave enough to start questioning.
My life.
Cultural conditionings.​

I whirled it all up because I finally gave myself space to do it. ​

And then it happened.

Opening up again was scary.
I finally found comfort in my solitude and I was scared what another person might do to the relationship I was building with myself.
But I didn’t want my fear to become my limit.
So I let him in. I fell in love.
Right after I finally gave it to myself.
And it led me to the most wonderful experience of my entire life. He showed me that commitment is real. That everything can grow. He gives me space so I can heal from scars that aren’t his but also makes me release these spaces so I can love him deeper. ​

Around that time I finally understood that I have used my studies as an excuse to pretend to know where I am going.
I’ve been doing that my whole life.
I’ve followed the crowd.
Did what I’ve been told by my parents.
By society.
I thought, by studying, I would finally find black or white in this endless sea of grey.
And guess what?
I didn’t.
So I made another decision:

to step away from it.

I think you always know when to walk away.

When it is time for you to turn and find a new path.

It is the slight tiredness in your soul.

The question that surfaces through your walls in the quietest way.

You have to allow yourself to listen to your intuition.

Because it already holds the answer.

And so did mine.

So I made a decision:

I quit my master’s program and booked a yoga teacher training program in Thailand.

to stay small.

I’ve made so many excuses

Because the victim role is such a comfortable place for me to rest in.

BUT  for the first time in my life I felt I might have an actual chance at creating in this world what I was meant to create.

A human creating a space in which other people can let go.

In which other people can heal themselves.

By being seen.

By being respected.

A place of empowerment.

A place that is free from judgement and filled with powerful feminine energie.

So that you can rediscover your own inner goddess.


Well, now I am living my dream working full time as a empowering women photographer and online yoga teacher. Simply because I let go of the limitations I had set my soul in. I never intended this to be my path, I just let it naturally unfold. And now I finally feel like I am fulfilling my mission on this earth. I finally feel like I have found my purpose. 

I want to creat art, that contributes to making this world a little bit better. Whether it’s through my words. Through my camera. Or through my body.  This is what brings me awake. And by doing that I want to empower others to step into their own uniqueness. To reawaken their beautfiful feminine gifts. I want to bring new space into existence, one where people can uncover and align the deepest parts of themselves.

I gave myself permission to act and become the person that makes all structures crumble. After I started photographing other beautiful powerful women I finally understood that I never want to sit quietly behind societies’ rules anymore. People act as if there was a price waiting for the one who ticks all the boxes the fastest.

There is no price.

The biggest security that you can have in this life is knowing what makes your soul tick and working towards that.

That should be the baseline of your life. 

And that’s exactly why I started

I wanted to give myself a new canvas to continue writing my story. But not only that.

I wanted to create a space where people felt safe enough to open up.
I wanted to help people uncover themselves by first showing them my raw self.
No masks.
I was wearing one for far too long.
And I know you did too. 

Which is why I want to help you uncover and align the deeper parts of yourself.

Photography and Yoga helped me remove my mask and now I want to give you the chance to experience the same. I am here to help you get your power back. 

See, there comes a time where you used up your time waiting to feel ready.

It won’t matter that you don’t understand why or can’t see how.

You just have to do it.

Each of our hearts beats with a gift only we possess.

You won’t do the world any good if you allow yourself to lose your instincts to grow and stay little. 

So come and

grow with me through